MUTIAN Guarantee

Please kindly check all the rules and regulations about MUTIAN guarantee.

1. Use Mutian the entire 84 days of treatment, and no mixing with others brand.

2. Update the current weight and how the cat is doing to your Mutian rep. And following the mutian rep’s instructions to adjust the dosage. The guarantee is declared invalid when the owner refuses to follow our treatment and or instructions.

3. Be a member of the “FIP Treatment with Mutian” if on Facebook

4. Neurological FIP and FeLV cats are not covered by the guarantee. (as of December 1st, 2019)

5. Blood tests needed CBC and Chem panel
        a. Prior to starting Mutian treatment
        b. At 6 weeks treating with Mutian
        c. After 11 weeks of treatment with Mutian so the results are back before day 84. This allows time for the admins to discuss with Mutian vets and make a decision.

6. Prior to stopping Mutian
        a. Send one of the Mutian admins of our Facebook group a copy of your cats CBC, Chem panel and ultrasound or X-Ray.
        b. Wait to hear back from our admin before stopping Mutian.

7. If you feel your cat is relapsing
        a. Reach out to one of the admins of the Mutian group
        b. Provide updated CBC, Chem panel and Ultrasound or X-Ray
        c. Along with the following information
             • Name:
             • Type: dry or wet
             • Ocular lesions: yes or no
             • Neurological symptoms: yes or no                           
             • Date of start:
             • Dose:
             • Date of birth:
             • Weight: Before and after treatment
             • Gender:
             • Breed:
             • Medical History

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment on Mutian you need to address these with a Mutian Facebook group admin. These admins are specialized in Mutian and have access to the Mutian vets and specialist as well.